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Hair Loss In Women: Is It Genetic or Hormonal?

Hair loss is a condition commonly associated with males; however, females can also succumb to this condition. Hair grows in cycles beginning with the Anagen phase where hair is actively growing as the root cells multiply rapidly. The Anagen phase takes roughly 28 days to complete before your hair growth enters the Catagen phase. During the Catagen phase, club hair is formed and nutrients cease entrance into the hair follicles, thus beginning the Telogen, or resting phase. During the resting … [Read More...]

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What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

When one tends to think about the subject of hair loss, usually the stereotype about the problem in most individuals mind is that this is an issue that only middle aged men have to deal with exclusively. The truth is that the loss of hair is also an issue that many women have to endure and struggle … [Read More...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Women Hair Loss Treatment

Although hair loss is mostly noticed in men, even women are affected it at some point of life. Luckily, there are many ways you can treat and even prevent a hair loss, and which one you will choose depends on your preferences and how bad your situation is. On one side, hair loss in women can be … [Read More...]

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5 Common Reasons For Hair Loss In Women And How To Fix Them

There are numerous reasons for hair loss in women, in many cases the cause is something that can be controlled or reversed resulting in a temporary condition. In other situations, a treatment may be prescribed to correct the reasons for the hair loss. For women, hair loss is devastating and can … [Read More...]

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Which Vitamins For Hair Loss In Women Are Important?

Maybe you have noticed that brushing your hair leaves a lot of loose strands on your shoulders or in the hairbrush. If you suddenly start to see more shed hair than you have seen in the past, it may mean that you are losing an excessive amount of hair. Baldness can originate from any of a number of … [Read More...]

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5 + 2 Popular Hair Loss Treatments For Women

Hair loss or baldness is often associated with men. But hair loss does affect women too. Since the hair is the woman’s crowning glory, this problem can be potentially devastating to the person. With the use of hair loss treatment for women, this problem can be minimized. Causes of Hair Loss Hair … [Read More...]

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The Top 7 Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

It may sound funny to talk about causes of hair loss in women since many think hair loss occurs in men only. People think that hair loss is an issue concerning men only due to baldness common with men. It is true that hair loss also occurs in women too. The fact is that about two-thirds of women … [Read More...]